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  • 2022

    Founders' Journey Begins:

    Two recruitment pros, 40 years between them, decide to shake things up. Enter Recruitment Founders Club, a community sharing best practice, mentorship, and leadership development.

  • 2023

    PJ's Digital Leap

    After a decade in digital marketing and a grand exit in 2023, PJ brings his digital dazzle to the RFC board, ready to amplify our mission.

  • 2023

    RFC's Explosive Growth

    As RFC booms, we're there every step, crafting standout brands and slick sites, making social waves for a community of recruitment pioneers.

  • 2024

    Filling the Gap

    Spotting a niche, we realised it's our calling to be the creative backbone for every recruiter and team out there. Here's to making recruitment beautiful!

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PJ Ellis


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